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Practice Genie

Make learning fun

with tailor-made lessons and book clubs


Discover your potential

Welcome to Practice Genie where we make learning fun with tailor-made English lessons and small group reading book clubs. 

Our teachers vary in experiences, personalities and qualifications to accommodate different learning styles, interests and skills.

With our carefully selected teachers, we strive to bring you a safe, fun and stimulating learning environment. Our aim is to instil confidence and competence in you and your children, so that after each lesson, you leave with a sense of personal achievement and pride.


Meet our teachers


"I am a creative, fun and inspiring Primary School teacher with a passion for personalised learning. As a Literature and Language degree holder, I have a great passion for creative strategies and approaches to delivering learning for children. With my up to date knowledge of the New National Curriculum I am able to plan and create exciting and interesting lessons for children in both KS1 and 2. All primary level subjects are covered."



Roxane, better known as Roxy (it rhymes with more adjectives!), grew up in Oxford and London. For as long as she can remember, English has always been her favourite subject, not least thanks to her amazing primary teachers. A firm believer that children develop their love of learning through play, Roxy's unique teaching style, combining interactive activities, colourful digital worksheets, creative writing, reading and games, brings out the best in the children she takes on, from as young as 3 years of age. 


"Hello, I've been an English teacher for 25 years now.  I teach GCSE English Language and Literature and A level Literature so am used to much older students - however I believe that the greatest gift we can give children is a love of reading and that if you are lucky enough to get hooked on this early then it lays the foundations for later life. 


I greatly enjoy working with children in book clubs, the shared experience of enjoying a novel together and making links or contrasts between texts over time helps provide a bigger picture of writing styles and authorial intent.  Quite simply, it is fun. And that is what reading should be."



" I have been teaching since 2005. It has been said that teaching is a vocation rather than an occupation and I agree. A good teacher can make such a difference in the life and future of a child.

I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference. I wanted to make learning an exciting and enjoyable experience for every child. I want coming to school to be something that children look forward to because they can’t wait to see what learning adventures they will be going on. I love what I do and I hope that in a small way, I do make a positive difference."

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"My name is Chloe, and I am currently working as a Secondary School teacher in Yorkshire. I have been teaching for 4 years, and prior to this I worked running small group interventions in Maths and English in Primary and Secondary Schools.

I can teach a range of subjects, including Maths, English, Science and Geography, to ages 5-adult. I really enjoy teaching as I love working with children- I also run a Brownie Unit where we meet weekly and do lots of games and crafts.

From my experience teaching and tutoring, I also understand how important it is to create a safe space where students can feel comfortable making mistakes and can take control of their own understanding and learning."



"I'm Caroline and I live in London. I’m qualified with a degree in English, CELTA and TKT in teaching Young Learners.


I'm originally from Cumbria, England's Lake District. I love travelling, relaxing with friends, going on walks in the countryside and visiting museums. I enjoy teaching English and meeting people from so many different countries!"


Belinda joins us with many years experience of teaching children English as an additional language and the English National Curriculum in a prestigious International school in southern Spain. She has a BSc (Hons), earned a distinction for her MEd Bilingualism in Education thesis, and specialises in helping children develop the language needed for academic success.

She brings an engaging, enthusiastic and topic-related approach to her lessons to inspire young learners to have fun learning, to stimulate their curiosity and reach their unique potential. Belinda has a passion for teaching phonics and the benefits it gives in enabling correct English pronunciation and in improving children’s reading and writing skills.

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"My name is Katherine. I live and work just outside of Oxford, where I enjoy walking with my dog in the countryside. I have been a primary school teacher for 17 years. I currently teach Year 6 and I am a literacy leader. I have a passion for teaching English and history. I love sharing stories with children and helping them to discover new favourite books.

I believe that reading is the most crucial skill that children can learn. I strive to help children enjoy reading for pleasure and to become lifelong readers. In my classroom I use stories to inspire writing across the curriculum and for drama work. I love working with small groups of children and watching them grow and progress."

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"My name is Emma and I have a BEd Honours degree in Primary Education. I live with my two children who are 13 and 17, our Golden Retriever and two cats. As a family we love to go out and about, spending quality family time together.

I have loved being a class teacher and have been very fortunate to work in an outstanding independent Prep School for the past 24 years. During Lockdown I was able to provide an extensive online programme that enabled children to continue with their education. This involved catering to individual needs and adapting my teaching strategies accordingly. 

As a class teacher, I have extensive experience in educating children from Early Years to Year 2. I also have experience in supporting children with their SAT’s in Years 2 and 6 and also in preparing them for their 11+ exams. My ethos has always been that happy children will learn and thrive and I strive to make quality learning fun whether it be face to face or online. Enthusiasm, empathy and a sense of humour is key to my provision and I ensure all children enjoy their learning. I also have experience in educating children with SEND. As a parent of an SEND child myself, I have great empathy and the awareness that is required to help not only the children but supporting parents as well."

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"I’m Jack and I’ve been teaching History and Politics for seven years in schools in the UK, Switzerland and Asia. I’m passionate about all periods of History and have always loved the subject.  I studied it throughout school and university and love how you can relate past events to the present day.

I enjoy travelling and history usually plays a part in family trips! I also love to read which is lucky as there are so many wonderful history books to enjoy.

My classes are full of lively debate and discussion as having opinions is a key part of the subject.

History should also be fun!"


"Hi, I’m Eve! Having recently completed my A-Levels in English Literature, Spanish and Sociology with three A* grades, I am currently focussing on work and further education before I start at university in 2022. 


Setting up study groups, one-on-one tutoring, and completing an EPQ on representation in UK English curricula have all allowed me to embrace my love of teaching and learning simultaneously. 


Working as a playworker at holiday day camps and nannying have given me the opportunity to plan and lead guided reading and craft activities with individual children as well as groups, and my approach to teaching early-years English is centered around discussion and creativity with a gradual incorporation of higher-level literary concepts. 


I firmly believe that imagination is integral to learning, and am passionate about encouraging a lifelong love of reading and writing through engaging storytelling."

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“I’m Robbie! I recently graduated from the University of Cambridge with a first class degree in Psychological and Behavioural Sciences. I specialise in the human sciences, such as: sociology, psychology and biology. I am also a comedian and freelance writer, alongside tutoring! 

I am passionate about education, particularly its ability to promote critical thinking and positive social outcomes for young people. My goal is to make learning fun, whilst getting kids to engage with complex ideas. My background in psychology also means I am able to help children with additional learning needs.“

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"I am a dedicated, creative and innovative teacher with over 8 years experience working in primary education. I am currently  a Y3 class teacher at one of leading independent schools in South London.


I am enthusiastic about education and always strive to generate excitement and passion for learning in students. A key focus of my career is helping students reach their potential, which I work towards by genuinely valuing the individual when teaching. I encourage pupils to be reflective learners and further their learning by observing, questioning, and investigating, maintaining a high level of engagement. I use a range of fun teaching approaches and have found that this has led to many positive student outcomes, creating motivated learners and marked results. My greatest joy is watching students succeed and unlock their own potential."

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“My name is Kay and I am a Science teacher at a top UK grammar school.  I teach all Sciences at Key Stage levels 3 and 4 which means that I have a thorough understanding of the National Curriculum and GCSE syllabus.  Further to this, I also teach Biology at Key Stage 5 which is Advance Level. 


I obtained my undergraduate and postgraduate Science qualifications from the University College London, after which I embarked on a career in Biotechnology before joining the teaching profession. I am passionate about both my subject and education which makes teaching an absolute joy for me and I hope to encourage and nurture this love for learning and Science in all my students as I prepare them for their future.”

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Melissa is a passionate and experienced secondary school Teacher. Her specialist areas are KS3 and KS4 English, but she also has experience of teaching KS2 English and loves teaching a wide range of ages.


Melissa's love of reading and writing started from a very young age but was cemented in secondary school, where her English teachers brought books to life through drama, discussion, fun and games, and from then she didn't look back: studying English Literature and Drama at A Level and going on to study English and Media at University.


Melissa absolutely loves reading and is part of an adult book club herself, reading a book a month and coming together with friends to discuss it. As well as reading, Melissa loves films, the theatre and exploring new places with her family.



Charlotte is an experienced and enthusiastic Primary School Teacher. She is always eager to build strong relationships with all her pupils and firmly believes that children flourish and make excellent progress when they feel confident and valued.

Charlotte loves using a variety of fun and creative teaching methods to inspire her pupils and always aims to ensure they reach their full potential. An avid reader and great fan of children’s literature, she particularly loves bringing stories to life through drama and discussion. 

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Lucy has over ten years of professional experience, and has taught secondary English at independent schools in both the north and south of the UK all the way up to Oxbridge standard.


She is passionate about sharing her love of literature with young people of all ages, and is never happier than when curled up with a good novel and a hot chocolate! She hopes she can pass on this lifelong love of books to the next generation of readers.

In her leisure time, she enjoys travel and the outdoors, and enjoys planning and undertaking long walks in the countryside with her spaniel, Bonnie. When not reading someone else’s writing, she is working on writing her own novel about the first year of motherhood.



"Nothing in life is to be feared, it is only to be understood. Now is the time to understand more, so that we may fear less".

I am a kind, compassionate and caring teacher. I am patient and professional and will help you achieve your educational goals. I make my lessons interesting and fun so students are engaged and want to learn. I cater my lessons to the individual needs of each student and I am always open to feedback from my students to make sure they have the best learning experience possible. 

I have 10 years experience teaching secondary science and I have 2 years online teaching experience teaching science to students aged 6-18.  I have a BSc(HONS) Biological Sciences with Biomedicine from Lancaster University, a PGCE in Secondary Science Education from Sunderland University, and Qualified Teacher Status (QTS).

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"My name is Liz and I have enjoyed teaching since 1994.  I studied English and Music at Uni before undergoing teacher training at Reading and qualifying to teach all subjects across the primary range. Over the years I have taught in several different UK schools and have taught children of every age between two and eleven.Since 2020 I have been teaching English and Music online and I have realised just how much I enjoy working one-to-one with pupils, following individual interests and aspirations.  

My online teaching has varied between IELTS exam preparation and supporting very young children and those with special needs. I enjoy finding personalised resources such as online picture books, comedy, rhymes, news articles and songs that inspire and entertain as well as listening to my own teenage children who keep me up to date! As part of my English degree I studied the origins of words and I love looking for patterns in grammar and spelling, as well as connections with other languages."

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"I started teaching in 1996 as a Teacher of English before I became a Head of Drama in 2003. I enjoy my work now as much as I did when I first started out. My teaching role also allowed me to offer support as a pastoral counsellor, and this still helps to inform my own pedagogy, supporting learners who may feel anxious, or not feeling they are meeting their potential, for any number of reasons. Confidence and an enjoyment of learning is key. My teaching approach holds this principle at its core. I have a strong record of results that support this, across the ability spectrum.

With my BA (Hons) in Drama (with English Literature as my second subject), my PGCE in English (UWE) and my MA Creative Writing (Dist) TEES I am well placed to guide, encourage and tutor learners and students from across the age range and across my specialist subjects (English Language, Literature, Drama and Theatre Studies)."

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"My name is Nicole and I come from Cornwall in Great Britain. I have a First Class Honours Degree in English with Creative Writing and, as this may suggest, my favourite things to do are to read books and to write stories and poetry. I am in the process of writing a novel in my spare time, which is set to be published in early 2023. When I am not reading books, writing stories or teaching, I can be found walking the British coastline as I love hiking, camping and stunning seascape vistas.


I spent 1 year teaching in Thailand, where I was responsible for a class of 24 and I taught them English, maths, science, phonics, art, P.E and moral education. That year was absolutely magical for me and it was during this time that I realised I wanted to be a teacher for the rest of my life.


After falling in love with teaching, I decided to return to the UK and begin tutoring online so that I could keep doing what I love the most in the world, and I have been doing so since March 2020. Online teaching platforms are wonderfully inclusive and universal and I absolutely love being able to connect with students from all over the world."

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“Hello. My name’s Sharn. I’ve been teaching English as a Foreign Language for 25 years. I’ve lived and worked in the Czech Republic, Italy, Indonesia and England. I hold CELTA and DELTA qualifications in teaching English as a Foreign Language, and a BSc and MA in Applied Linguistics. 

I work with children, teenagers and adults online and face-to-face. My classes are tailor-made to each student’s needs and interests. I’m currently teaching courses in Cambridge exam preparation, Academic English, English for Medical Researchers, Children’s Literature and General English. I also run teaching & language refresher courses for non-native English teachers working in Primary and Secondary education. 

I currently live in Oxford, England, with my teenage daughter and two cats. In my spare time I write, draw and read. I believe every good teacher never stops learning and, at present, I am taking courses in Law and French.”

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“Hello everyone! My name is Bethany and I am an enthusiastic and dedicated primary school teacher based in Eastbourne, East Sussex. I have worked in schools for 8 years and have been teaching for 3 years, having experience of teaching children aged 4-7 years old. 


I absolutely love teaching children and being a part of their progress and development. I feel very passionate about promoting a love of learning and supporting all children to achieve their very best through fun and engaging teaching. I love being creative and exploring different ways of teaching children to keep them motivated and engaged.”



“Hello my name is Ella. I am English, I live by the sea in the UK. I have been an English Tutor for over two years and have taught students with very varied levels of ability. I have always loved to see my wonderful students progress and grow in confidence with English, wherever they began from!

I did an English with Creative Writing Degree at Falmouth University. For my degree I mostly read a lot and wrote a lot, these are two of my favourite things! For part of my degree I studied children’s books, which can be so fun and a great way for children to learn about the world.

I have also completed a course on phonics and grammar, which helped me better understand how to teach all of the many magical mysteries of the English language. I wrote my first novel by the time I was eighteen and still love to write in my spare time today. I have two children, as a family we have a passion for books and love to read together.

I have always found tutoring very rewarding and inspirational. I look forward to meeting you!”

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"My name is Clare and I have been working as a Private Tutor for just over 4 years now. I am a very friendly and caring person who genuinely enjoys helping children to become confident learners. Before becoming a tutor, I taught full time in schools since completing my degree in 1996. I have worked in a range of different primary schools throughout my career and each has offered different experiences
and challenges. I have worked in both private schools and in the maintained sector. I have been a Deputy Head teacher, but I never aspired to be a Headteacher as my passion has always been for being with the children and teaching! I am passionate about education and helping children to achieve their potential. Having the
opportunity to help a child 1:1 is incredibly rewarding and means you can really make a difference.

I live at home with my husband, daughters, and many pets! I absolutely love animals and we have 2 dogs, 3 cats, a rabbit and 2 guinea pigs. They are all very much part of the family and I love spending time with them."

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Natasha is an experienced primary school teacher with a passion for working with children.

After less than two years as a classroom teacher, Natasha became Head of English and Key Stage 2 Lead. She worked to reform the teaching of English and regularly had other members of staff observing her teaching as an example of outstanding practice.

Mostly, she has worked with children in Key Stage Two – especially Y6 - but during the last five years, she has taught children online from as young as four, so her knowledge of early reading and phonics is strong.

She is very warm and welcoming, instantly putting children at ease. You can see her enthusiasm when teaching, and how very committed she is to developing children’s confidence in themselves and their abilities.

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"A good teacher has the confidence to learn from her students. For me, with over 25 years experience in both Primary schools and English as a Foreign/Second language, teaching is about listening to and learning what your learner well as providing engaging activities and opportunities. Relationships are key!

I am passionate about enabling learners with SEN. Neurodiversity makes this wonderful world tick. I am proud to have successfully taught in schools with challenging behaviour and learning needs, smashing educational, social and emotional targets . I am infinitely fascinated by the potential of the mind.

I have taught English to adults and children of all nations, both in the UK and abroad. I have travelled and worked extensively in Spanish speaking countries. I love the challenges of learning what other languages have in common/in contrast to my own.

I am enduringly enchanted by books, animals, conservation and gardening."



"I am Katy, I live in Nottinghamshire with my husband, 2 children and my very cheeky dog!


I have over 10 years of teaching in the classroom predominantly in KS2. I also have a wealth of experience in KS1 and have taught phonics to reception and year 1 children. I have tutored for over four years online and created fun, friendly and engaging lessons where the child can reach their full potential. I also have vast experience in teaching KS2 SATS. 


My favourite subject is grammar or SPAG. I enjoy teaching the different elements of a sentence and how different structures can create a different outcome for a reader's experience. For example, an ellipsis (...) can create suspense or lots of different adjectives can create a sombre or beautiful mood or picture in the reader's mind.“

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How It Works

Individual Lessons

One-to-one personalised lessons ensure learning is appropriately paced, varied and challenging. Undivided attention and focus creates more trust and instils greater confidence in each child.

 Reading Book Clubs

Weekly group sessions encourage deeper engagement with stories and critical thinking.  Join a social community where children enjoy feeling safe to talk, ask questions, and interact with other children.

What Happy

Students &

Parents Say


作为家长,希望写作课不止为短期提升能力,也是为了之后中学考试而奠基础,这也是撰文推荐 Elizabeth老师的原因,她的教学方式比较像扎实的文学写作要求,一字一句的琢磨,不同一般市面上的英文写作课,着重在模板练习和背诵套用好词佳句。"



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