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As parents, we all know the importance of reading and would love our kids to be avid readers. We help parents all across the world achieve this aim by making reading fun through our book clubs.


Our British teachers have creative ways of adding more excitement into reading by incorporating slides, games and activities. Enjoyment is key.


Our young readers are encouraged to share stories and explore new ideas by handwriting onto colourful and thoughtfully designed worksheets. It's all fun.

Book Clubs also create unique opportunities to meet new friends across the globe by joining our world-book clubs in England, Taiwan, USA or Canada.


Make book clubs fun


Meet Roxy

Roxane, better known as Roxy (it rhymes with more adjectives!), grew up in Oxford and London. For as long as she can remember, English has always been her favourite subject, not least thanks to her amazing primary teachers. A firm believer that children develop their love of learning through play, Roxy's unique teaching style, combining interactive activities, colourful digital worksheets, creative writing, reading and games, brings out the best in the children she takes on, from as young as 3 years of age.


Roxy Reads

Roxy currently runs 2 book clubs: Fantastic Mr Fox and George's Marvellous Medicine. 


She cleverly uses Quizlet to set up vocabulary banks, which enables kids to revise new words in a fun way as well as Kahoot! to play exciting competitive comprehension games during lesson time. 

Her amazing creativity reflects fully on the materials she designs, with provoking ideas and imaginations, which are colourfully and beautifully illustrated. 

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Kimberley Kindles

Kimberley is a creative, fun and inspiring Primary School teacher with an ambition for igniting passion for life long learning. 

Having the experience of being the Head of Drama at school, Kimberley has developed inventive strategies and approaches in delivering a fast paced, uplifting and often very funny atmosphere in her book club, The Wild Robot.  

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Emma Excites

Emma is armed with ample experience in teaching much older children, mostly 16-18 years old, at a London secondary school.  With over 25 years of classroom experience and being the Head of GCSE English, she could see it so clearly that the ones love words and stories are usually the ones with love that has been embedded and nurtured from childhood.

Her primary objective would be for children to enjoy reading and explore ideas as a group; discussion enable thinking. 


She currently leads 5 book clubs in the UK and 1 in UK/Asia, covering these a large selection of  books including The Silver Sword, A Christmas Carol, The Northern Lights, The Hunger Games, The Curious Incident of the dog in the night-time, Trash, The Shark Caller and The Book Thief. 

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